How to quit smoking in 30 days firstfitnesstrack

How to quit smoking in 30 days

Tobacco causes cancer
Tobacco causes cancer

So you just realised how you are burning your lungs and getting close to death by smoking ciggarates or other alternatives. 
Its a good thing. It is better late than never. 
There are some common  types of smokers : 
  • Chainsmokers: people who smoke anyway from 10 to 30 or mire ciggarates a day. 
  • Medium smokers: people who smoke like less than 10 ciggarates a day. 
  • Amauture smoker: people who smoke 3 tor 4 ciggarates a day. 
  • Occasional smoker: people who don't smoke regularly but smoke very rarely like 2 to 3 ciggarates a week or less.
Now the process to quit smoking will be different according to your type. 

 How to quit smoking if you are a chainsmoker

If you are a chainsmoker then quitting won't be easy without any alternatives.
Your body must be so habituated to nicotine that it will not work properly without it. But don't worry we at firstfitnesstrack are here to help you out. 
Try to peek in yourself and understand why you started smoking, and more importantly why do you need to smoke 🚬. You will eventually understand that there is no reason that you smoke instead of providing tour body a strong set of nicotine. While thinking this always remember if understand that there is no need of ciggarates in your actual life you won half the battle. Now what you should do 

Quit it step by step 

Let me suppose you are a person who smokes around 20 ciggarates in a day. It is nearly impposible for you to quit it in one go. Though if you can its better an you are actually an god in it. If you cant quit it in one what i will suggest you is reduce the number gradually, i.e 1st day you smoke 20 ciggarates, 2nd day you smoke 19 ciggarates, 3rd day 18, 4th day 17 and so on. Trust at the end of 30-45 days you will not need a single ciggarate a day. But for doing this you need to increase your will power. 

Use nicotine gum or normal chewing gum 

Many nicotine gums are available in market like nicotex nicotine gum and many others. Using them while having a craving can help a lot. You can also use normal chewing gums like chloromint or any other while you are having a craving. 

Join a rehab 

If you seriously want to quit smoking there is no better way than rehab. If you think that doing it yourself at home is not in your capability then you can join a rehab. This is nothing to shame about. Many people join a rehab to quit smoking and 80-90% of them are successful. 

Not having a stock 

If you are a chainsmoker you might have a habbit of keeping ciggarates with you all the time. Avoid or leave this habbit right now. If you will not have a ciggarates at the time of cravings your body will gradually adjust to not having the nicotine drag for the time and doing it continuously can make this adjustment of mind forever. 


Mindset is the key to quit here. A very famous social influencer and motivational speaker SANDEEP MAHESWARI in his videos once said that while he started to quit his smoking habbit he made a mindset that the smoke and smell of ciggarates makes him cought and he took that mindset so seriously that his body actually responded to it. And he quit smoking like that. You can also have that kind of mindset and that will help you a lot. 

How to quit smoking if you are a medium smoker. 

Most of the process for quitting smoking for medium smokers and chainsmoker are the same. You just have to identify why are you smoking and oppose your mind from doing so. If depression is the reason you can read this article and you will learn how you can heal your depression issues without any sort of addiction or stuff. 

How to quit smoking if you are an amateur smoker

If you are an amateur smoker then your body is not addicted to nicotine as much it is just that you think you need a ciggarate. Some key points to remember for amateurs smoker are: 
  1. Stay hydrated 
  2. Chew gums
  3. Stay fresh and clean 
  4. Be cheerful 
  5. Stay away from active smokers 
  6. Reduce your number of ciggarates gradually to 0 
  7. Find alternatives or stay busy 

How to quit smoking if you are a occasional smoker 

If you smoke just occasionally then you can even continue it. Yes you can continue it but remember one thing you should control the ciggarate and it should not control you. Always remember you should not get addicted to it. And if you are dedicated that you dont want to smoke occasionally too, then simply don't do it from the next time. It is just as simple as that. 

Key notes to remember while quitting. 

Common nicotine  withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Cigarette cravings
  • Irritability, frustration, or anger
  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Restlessness
  • Increased craving
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Increased coughing
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation or symptom
  • Depression
  • Decreased vital sign

As unpleasant as these withdrawal symptoms could also be, it’s necessary to recollect that they're solely temporary. they're going to make a come back in an exceedingly few weeks because the toxins square measure flushed from your body. within the in the meantime, let your friends and family apprehend that you simply won’t be your usual self and enkindle their understanding.
When you will stop smoking your body will start showing symptons of nicotine withdrawl. Trust me that is the hardest part. Your body will not be comfortable at all. 
You will get indigestion problems sleeping problems and many more problems like that. But always remember once you overcome this stage you are free forever from your addiction and you will win your battle. 

Somethings to be made sure of while quitting

Get 8 hours of sleep daily 
Stay hydrated 
Chew gums more often 
Excercise regularly 
Read books 
Find alternatives for your cravings like food or phone or having a shower or anything you like.

Alternatives to ciggarates for smokers that are more healthy but not 100% safe 


Many smokers take up vaping as an alternative to smoking a d yes it true than vaping is 90% safer than ciggarates but still is harmful because while inhaling your body recieves carbon monoxide which is not safe. 

Tea leaves 

I recently saw a youtube video on which the creator used tea leaves instead of tobacco to make a ciggarate. It will contain no nicotine for sure but i don't know how safe it is or should you use it or not. 

Tips for parents of minor smokers

Try to avoid threats and ultimatums. conclude why your teenaged is smoking; they'll wish to be accepted by a coevals or wish your attention. refer what changes will be created in their life to assist them stop smoking.
Be patient and supportive  as your kid goes through the quitting method.
Set an honest example for your children by not smoking yourself. folks World Health Organization smoke square measure additional seemingly to own kids World Health Organization smoke.
Know if your kids have friends that smoke. speak together with your children regarding ways in which to refuse a cigaret.
Explain the health dangers, in addition because the unpleasant physical aspects of smoking (such as dangerous breath, discoloured teeth and nails).

Establish a smokeless policy in your home. Don’t permit anyone to smoke inside at any time.