6 daily habbits that will make any guy hotter

6 daily habbit that will make any guy hotter.

hot guy
hot guy 

 whats up everybody we are firstfitnesstrack and if you could make yourself make more attractive, more hotter, what would you do then ? 
well today is your lucky day because we are going over 6 habbits that will make any guy hotter. that is we will will show you 6 easy tricks that you will think, why have i not tried this before. 

1. Be around girls 

the first trick is simple, that be around girls. it is easier said than done, Right ? no it is also easy to do. i did not mean you to be only around girls at all. i am just saying you should justinvite girls to go out 
the same way you do with your homies, with with your guy friends and ill tell you why. have you ever seen a guy at a bar or  club and he used to be surrounded by girls, ight ? then you fell little bit jealous. right. everyone does get jealous right. but guess what guys won't be the only one jealous, girls who will see you with other girls and feel jealous too.
they might think, wowo this guy is surrounded by girls he might be cool, he might be datinhg anybody. I know its a weird little trick that works 100 percent of the time, but, how do u get girls go out with you as firend, guess what i already told you, invie them up as you do your guy friends, just dont try to be cool, sexy or whatever, they ae supposed to be your friends, right ? call them up and say "a bunch of my friends are going out tonight, come around, let me introduce yu to few, you will get allong really very well." that's it easy win. and they will make you look a 100 times better, instantly. now to look hotter physically or your appearence the first thing that you can work on is your skin so our second step is 

2. work on your skin 

the thing that people look at you is your skin you should be very aware about how inportant skin care is. if your skin is oily you have acne, i don't know if being around with girls will help you or not. then what should you do to have a good skin. use face mask you can use any one of them available in the market but always remember to use good quality products. not a complete skin care tips is a new content and we will upload a article soon on it. infact, the work is already on till you will be reading this article.

3. find the perfect hairstyle 

now the third step is to find a cool hairstyle that suits your face shape. that will f=definitely enhance your face looks. now to achieve that you have to experiment a lot of different hairstyle and some of them might fail. but trust me, you won't regret at all. if you want us to upload a article on how to select hairstyle according to fae shape then please comment down below.

4. enhance your jawline 

now you can be blessed with wesome genetics or, there is a lot of work involved, if you are serious about a better jawline. it is not easy. some hing you could start doing right now is chewing gum frequently. keep your jaw muscles active, make them more and more enhanced in the future. another thing you could do is to create an illusion with your beard. beards can help to hide any of your flaws. in short you can use them to tottaly change your appearence.ask your barber for suggestionto make your beard to enhance your jawline. 

5. wearing glasses

wearing glasses even if you don't have any eyesight issue is also a good way to enhance your looks. they make your face look symmetrical becauses glasses are themselves symmetrical.

6. having a good posture 

a good posture is something that should always be made sure of. not only to look hotter but also to be and stay healthy. 

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