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Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

According to the american diabetes Association , nearly 21  million people in the us  have diabetes and 86 % are suffering from diabetes type 2 .
Sugar, in the form of glucose is the main source of power for our body cells . The hormone insulin allows glucose in the blood to enter these body cells . but if someone is facing type 2 diabetes maybe the body doesn't produce enough insulin or cells or the body cells are resistant to the effects of insulin .

Natural remedies

here are some herbs and vegetables that may be a benefit to people with type 2 diabetes.


if we diagonally slit a lady-finger and soak it in a glass of water overnight and the next morning we drink the water along with the raw lady-finger. its very helpful for diabetic patients .

Aloe vera

aloe vera could be a common plant with many various uses .
it helps to fix digestive issues to possibly even relieving type 2 diabetes symptoms. you can easily purchase a aloe vera juice for very cheap prices . you can also boil a raw aloe vera and make a paste of it a drink it in empty stomach


consuming cinnamon for diabetic patients helps to regulate blood sugar level, insulin levels, blood fat levels, antioxidant levels, blood pressure, body mass and the time to process food .
however solely the best quality cinnamon or cinnamon extracts in capsule kind ought to be used as a complementary treatment technique.

Bitter Melon

bitter melon are helpful for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients to reduce there blood sugar levels . on an average note it also helps to improved the blood sugar tolerance in most cases .
it is not possible by me or anyone to say that if it is enough to take in place of insulin or medications of diabetes but it may help to rely less on them .
taking boiled ginger also helps to reduce blood sugar level and increase blood sugar levels . ginger is very commonly used in homes . amd there is no need of alternative pills .for the purpose .
Curry leaves
if any diabetic patient chews a fist full of curry leaves early in the morning and in raw form, in empty stomach it is helpful for the patients 


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