Friday, February 22, 2019

Keratin treatment for hairs

What is keratin treatment ? 

Keratin treatment is a application of a keratin fluid in hairs and ironing it with straightners . You might have understood that keratin treatment  is a type of hair straightening. But general straightening and keratin treatment are a lot different actually . keratin is a much more safer chemical than most of the chemicals given in general straightening. 

Is keratin safe ? 

Yes keratin is 100 percent safe . Infact a little amount of keratin is present naturally in everyone's hairs. The treatment processes the amount of keratin in the desired manner . keratin treatment prices in India generally range from 1000 - 4500 rs or even more . And that in Us it is about 50-100 $ . You should do this treatment only in professional and high quality saloons as a little mistake in keratin application can make your hairs messy and worse for the nex 3 - 4 months . It can also lead to permanent hair damage if not applied professionally. 

Advantages of keratin treatment . 

There are several advantages of keratin in hairs . 
Keratin is a boon for unmanageable curly and wavy hairs
 It ads a natural shine to the hairs . 
It helps help growth . 
It repair damaged parts of the hairs . 
New personality 
Low chances of new hair damage .
Heavy volume to the hairs without hair dryer .
Dandruff reduces.  

Disadvantage of keratin treatment 

Nothing much disadvantage is there for keratin treatment but if someone has to mark something, they can say. It is a time consuming and expensive treatment . 
Another drawback is once the keratin treatment is done you have to simply double up the maintainance of your hairs . 

Some hair care tips after keratin.

Avoid swimming without caps as it will make the straight hairs frizzy and will slowly iver time bring back the curls . 
While you wash your hair try to put water on your hair in one single direction . 
Use sulphate free shampoo . 
Try to use serum every time you shampoo 
Oil your hairs every day . 
After washing the hairs don't immediately brush your hairs . wait for atleast 15 min or till the time the hairs dry . 



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