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Harmful Side Effects Of  Anabolics Steroids .

Body building
body building 

A variety of side effects can occur when anabolic steroids are misused, ranging from mild effects to ones that are harmful or even fatal .
anabolics can do anything to your body . it boosts your body power to grow anyway . people say if you need good body you must use steroids . this is completely a myth .

some of the main harmful side effects of anabolics steroids are ;

  1. Acne - anabolic steroids leaves a dangerous  problem of acne . not the simple acne , but the kid of painful acne . the acne that is caused by steroids are not only formed in face but also on the entire body even on hands ! 
  2. Itching - body building steroids also cause severe itching all over the body . people can see rashes all over the body due to itching 
  3. Rashes - not only rashes due to itching but also natural red rashes can be spotted on the bodies of people taking steroids 
  4. Lungs failure - lungs failure is not a impossible case for steroid overdose . Though it is a rare case but not that it never happens . many cases are reported worldwide that lungs got rotted for steroids and anabolic drugs . it can cause death . 
  5. Heart problems -several heart problems are reported through out the world and especially in US, UK and INDIA and many more countries about heart problems for steroid overdose . problems like improper pumping of blood to heart attacks every thing is possible due to this . 
  6. Mood swings - after the cycle of the steroids end , your mood will change every moment or so . anything wont fell good . 
  7. Concentration problem - after the cycle ends the consumer will not be able to concentrate on anything . not even a simple works that you do routinely . 
  8. Laziness - consumers reported that after he cycle they feel super lazy . they dont even feel like working out anymore . they lost the entire body they gained due to this . 
  9. Hormone imbalances - improper growth of body , unequal body muscles and many more are common results for the mentioned problem 
  10. Hair fall - huge amount of hair break and less growth of new hairs in its place is a long lasting type of hair fall . it is also a common factor of abuse .

 Are the steroids legal ? 

unfortunately or sadly enough , Yes , most of the anabolic steroids are perfectly legal in most countries . 

is there any legal age of anabolic usage . 

no . there is no age requirement for anabolic usage .    

So thanks to all the readers and i hope thia helps . After all its you who decise wheather to tame anabolixs or not . No one should recommend this steroids. If they are we should be very aware and stay away from that . And according to surveys held worldwide 🌎 people are being smart and a very less percentage ia taking anabolics . our goal should be to make that percentage to zero 


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