Firstfitnesstrack - A cheap full day diet for body-building

Firstfitnesstrack - A cheap full day diet for body-building 

Body building diet

So you are into body building . and you want the best body you can get and as soon as possible . you need to work hard on the gym thats for sure . but is only working out enough for the best results . no , its not enough . for the best result you also need to follow a diet . and if you are looking for what you should eat everyday you landed up on the right place . but a proper diet for gaining muscle mass will contain expensive weight gainer and other other stuffs that are very expensive .
But dont worry we here are fiving you the cheapest diet that will help you bulk up fast and efficiently . we have provided regular foods in a smart way .

How many meals should you have per day 

You should divide your day in 6 meals .
Body building
Body building 



In morning you can start your day with a heavy milk shake . now how to make it 
Ingredients : 
  1. Oats 
  2. Banana 
  3. Milk 
  4. A crunchy unsweetened peenut butter 
  5. A glass 
  6. A mixer . 
Steps : 
In a glass pour the milk . put a whole sliced banana to it . put oats in it . put 2 spoons a plunsweeted crunchy peanut butter . mix them well in a mixer and you are ready to go . 

Morning snacks . 

A few hours after having your breakfast have a morning snack . you can have any whole fruit or bread with peanut butter . you can also have a vegetable soup . if you need more options please comment down below .


You only need to have one meel in the after noon . that is your lunch 
You can eat a very simple and regular diet . 
If you are not a non vegetarian . have rice,dal and two boiled eggs . One thing people nowadays think that eating the egg yolk is harmful so they throw them away. But its not completely right . because if we are giving a too calculative diet to our body it will not get enough waste . and it will waste needful nutrients which is a big issue . so you should definitely use the yolks with the egg as our body is smart enough and know what to keep and what to excreate . 
If you are vegetarian you can have panner mushroom or any other high protein veg items . 


You need to have two meals in the evning that is a (i) pre-workout meal (ii) post workout meal . 


Before going to burn your calories in the gym . you need to have some . you should take more amount of carbohydrates before gym as you will need huge energy . 
You can consume a multi-grain bread or brown bread with any un-sweetened peanut butter a omlette and thats it . you are ready to go to the gym . 


 After coming from the gym when you are completely exhausted you can have a protien shake . add water oats  and 2 spoons any certified protien shake . 
If you dont have a protien shake shake hmjust a have a glass of milk with any energy drink and oats and banana 🍌


In the night also you can just have only one meal . your dinner and thats it . 
In dinner you can have a simple chappati and vegetables with chicken or fish or egg or any other high protien veg diet . . 
Otherwise you can repeat any of the two milk shakes of the breakfast or post workout meal . 
You can also have bread and peanut butter again . 
Thank you viewers . thats it for today .  i hope this helps you a lot . and if it does dont forget to follow this website and share it as many as possible .