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Jeet Selal is a youtuber and influencer . he has more than 1.5 million subscribers in youtube and more than 174 k followers in instagram . he is also a very famous gym instructer . He was born in uttarakhand and later went to UK for higher education . 
But now he is back to india for another great work he is going to do . he is lauching a movement for the support of drug-free movement in india . another very famous vlogger mumbiker nikhil recently recently promoted his movement . 

Why is it important to have drug free movement in india 

Nowadays every youngster wants fast result for everything they do . all everyone needs is shortcuts . But in life there is no shortcut . teenagers and youngsters join this movement for getting fast results for workout, for success and for every thing they want to do . 

What is the motive of drug free india 

The main moto of drug free india is to stop kids and even adults to take drugs tablets , or in any form . maybe for self satisfaction or for buiding rock-solid muscles with easily availavle drugs like dyra , cocaine 'lsd and every differnet things . 
Dyra drugs(a type of anabolic drugs used for body building for fast results)  and other products all give temporary results but if you want to have a long life or long lasting body such drugs must be a strict no . 
 A healthy normal body without much muscle mass in okk but an unhealthy body with 6 pack abs is of no use .
Not only for body building drugs are used for direct addiction also . many harmful drugs are are very easily available in big cities .

How can a country be drug free . 

Though government can take anti drug steps but it cant stop drugs . it have to be made drug free only by us . why use should use a anabolic when more food and hard and intense workout can give you he same results . Instead of reading articles about benefits of anabolics, learn the harmful effects of anabolics , instead of knowing how the drugs help us know the disadvantages of the drugs first . 
your mind will stop you from taking so .   
Jeet selal after starting his movement in india got more and more oposition than support . This got our country nothing but same . we are so much slaves to our drugs that if someone is taking  a god step against them we cant  support them . instead we are stopping him from doing so . he also got major support form many big personalities like mumbiker nikhil, beyounick and others . 
it is a very positive movement or campaign from his side and he is trying is level best . this is my smallest step i can do to support his campaign . 
so readers if you are with jeet selal share this blog and his video form youtube as much as you can . your contribution to this campaign will be a huge help . thanks guys keep reading and sharing . comment down below if you think some changes need to be maid .