Saturday, January 5, 2019

depression : the main reason behind it



THE leading reason for any person to suffer form depression is definitely  overthinking. it is very common thing for any person to think about something, it may be anything like job profession studies family conditions and many many more things. but the problem with most people are they over do it . and that is where the role of depression starts. depression is a thing that is basically a state of your mind . 


It is a known fact that most of the diseases that takes place in man begins from the time he starts to take tensions .though depression is not a disease but it is no different though . taking tensions not only gives rise to depression and major diseases but also too small diseases for problems like headache , indigestion and many more . any kind of tensions also starts when you start to overthink. and one thing which is very common in between overthinking and tensions is that both of them can not be healed by any of doctors . not even by the top of the line doctors. both of them can be healed only by controlling your mind . 


This point is for the majority of students and even for some elders .  many family specially in India , many parents force there children for what they want there children to be and dont give a single attention to what there son or daughter want to become . there are many more family pressures not only in india but across the world like forced to do a job inspite of his her own dreams or choice of career , and force to marriage to many women and many many many more


Failure not only in studies but also in every aspects of life like jobs,life and every single aspects give any individual a depression 


Depression is a very common problem and could he healed only with the help of ones mind . falling in depression is very easy and so is coming out of it . motivating videos of many famous youtubers can also help 
my next blog will be on the symptoms and solutions of depression keep supporting and helping the blog . 




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