Saturday, January 19, 2019

Weight loss importance and ways



In these days were social media is storming and taking its way too  the top one very important thing in todays life is to look good . 
A slim figure always look better than a round body . So what every persin wants in today's life is too have a flat belly a slim and chiselled jawline . For that losing body fat is very important and a nessecity even. So yes,lossing weight is very very important . Not only too look good but also to stay fit weight loss is important . Infact very important. People say that looks dont matter , but infact it does . NOT  only for social media even for getting jobs . Yes jobs . Suppose you are an interviewer . 2 people have came for an interview .One person A and the other B .A is  slim,well dressed and haves a clear skin and a good maintained hairstyle. Whereas B is fat poorly dressed with dirty skin and unmaintained hairs. Whom will you take more seriously . Obviously its A .  So thiugh talent matters the most but looks also do matter . 
Other importance of loosing weight is fitness . Slim people are more fit than the fat . Every one knows this . Being slimmer also enhances personality. If you are working out and specially focusing on abs training you also need to reduce fat too get the abs more in shape .


There are several ways to loose weight . In brief loosing weight is not limited to one or two remedies. So today I am going to give the easiest posible ways to loose weight . But remember one thing, the points listed have to followed regularly . For atleast 21 days to see a very limited results . In fact there are no ways to be slim and trim within two or three days .Yes some steriods claim to do so but i wont recommend that to anyone . Because just to loose a little bit of weight its not worth to destroy the healthiness of the the body 
So now i am listing out the points to loose weight .

   1. Swimming - 

swimming is the father of all exercises.swimming for just  30 min in a day fir 30 days would give you 100% noticable results. 

2. Cycling - 

cycling is also a great way to burn calories and loose weight . It helps  the lower body fat as well as upper body fat to reduce .

3.Yoga -

yoga as we all know helps our body to .every possible extent . Weight loss is no different  

4. Gym - 

Gym also does the same as yoga but  infact gives noticable fast results  than yoga 

5. Black coffee - 

black coffee helps our body    to whole extent to reduce  weight it personally helped  me a lot to loose fat . For  best   results, use honey to add sweetness to your black coffee and you will see noticable difference in 1  month if you have 2 cups of   black coffee every day. 
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