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Best mens fitness and fashion channel on youtube to follow on 2019

5 best   mens fitness and fashion youtuber  to follow on 2019 

Want to be fit. Learning through youtube is a good idea. But whom to learn from...we are here to help


Alex costa youtube
Alex costa
Link to his channel- alex costa 
He is my favourite fashion and fitness youtuber. The tips and tricksare so genuine i just follow every single tips of him and it have helped seriously in my life in every possible way. He was working with google before starting his youtbe carrer and then left his job to pursue youtube. And his decision is even successful. In his channel he does every thing about mens fashion and fitness tips like grooming hairstyles clothing mnes accesories fitness tutorial lifestyle and every thing you will ever need to know.
Now our no. 2 will be an indian youtuber who has managed his body and looks that is 100% fit for any film industry. And he is : 


Abhinav mahajan youtube
Abhinav mahajan 
Link to his channel - abhinav mahajan 
His channel is mostly not about fashion but it is about fitness. One of his home workout videos is so dope you will feel the strecth throughout your body if you perform them properly. On the base of fashion he uploaded videos on haircare and styling and beard care and styling. His body is lime better than even sone bollywood actors. He is also a great youtuber if you want to follow in 2019. 
Now to the no 3 of our list we have 

3. Anabolic aliens 

We are very sorry we couldn't upload his photo as i didn't got it. 
Link to his channel - ananbolic aliens
He is not a fashion youtuber. He is totally into fitness. I specially prefer him for intense home wrokout. His intense chest bicep and other exercise are like so good they can actullay may give you results better than gym. Infact before I started gym i used to follow his videos and it gave me very very positive result. So i can recommend his channel. But in key thing to note is please dont take any anabolic steroid from him or from anyone because it harms a lot if you want to how harmful anabolic steroids are then you can click here
He is actually also a blogger and his website link is anabolic aliens  


The pic we have is actually a screentshot from his youtube channel edited by snapseed l. We are sorry for the image quality 
Link to his channel - ugisrozenbah's
His 10 min workout video is the most viewed intense workout videos with almost 48 m views. He upload s great quality content and is a must follow if you workout at home . 
Now to complete todays kist our last but not the least youtuber who is on the 5 th rank in our list is 


We also don't have a photo for him and we are very sorry for it. 
Link to his channel - tarun gill
He doesnt upload videos on how to do it but he uploads on what not to do. That is to make a huge body wjat mistakes people often do. And he interviews people who have done that mistakes so that we (his audience) doesn't repeat the mistake.  

So that's it for today share this article if you like it follow up for more awesome content like this. 

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How to quit smoking in 30 days firstfitnesstrack

How to quit smoking in 30 days

Tobacco causes cancer
Tobacco causes cancer

So you just realised how you are burning your lungs and getting close to death by smoking ciggarates or other alternatives. 
Its a good thing. It is better late than never. 
There are some common  types of smokers : 
  • Chainsmokers: people who smoke anyway from 10 to 30 or mire ciggarates a day. 
  • Medium smokers: people who smoke like less than 10 ciggarates a day. 
  • Amauture smoker: people who smoke 3 tor 4 ciggarates a day. 
  • Occasional smoker: people who don't smoke regularly but smoke very rarely like 2 to 3 ciggarates a week or less.
Now the process to quit smoking will be different according to your type. 

 How to quit smoking if you are a chainsmoker

If you are a chainsmoker then quitting won't be easy without any alternatives.
Your body must be so habituated to nicotine that it will not work properly without it. But don't worry we at firstfitnesstrack are here to help you out. 
Try to peek in yourself and understand why you started smoking, and more importantly why do you need to smoke 🚬. You will eventually understand that there is no reason that you smoke instead of providing tour body a strong set of nicotine. While thinking this always remember if understand that there is no need of ciggarates in your actual life you won half the battle. Now what you should do 

Quit it step by step 

Let me suppose you are a person who smokes around 20 ciggarates in a day. It is nearly impposible for you to quit it in one go. Though if you can its better an you are actually an god in it. If you cant quit it in one what i will suggest you is reduce the number gradually, i.e 1st day you smoke 20 ciggarates, 2nd day you smoke 19 ciggarates, 3rd day 18, 4th day 17 and so on. Trust at the end of 30-45 days you will not need a single ciggarate a day. But for doing this you need to increase your will power. 

Use nicotine gum or normal chewing gum 

Many nicotine gums are available in market like nicotex nicotine gum and many others. Using them while having a craving can help a lot. You can also use normal chewing gums like chloromint or any other while you are having a craving. 

Join a rehab 

If you seriously want to quit smoking there is no better way than rehab. If you think that doing it yourself at home is not in your capability then you can join a rehab. This is nothing to shame about. Many people join a rehab to quit smoking and 80-90% of them are successful. 

Not having a stock 

If you are a chainsmoker you might have a habbit of keeping ciggarates with you all the time. Avoid or leave this habbit right now. If you will not have a ciggarates at the time of cravings your body will gradually adjust to not having the nicotine drag for the time and doing it continuously can make this adjustment of mind forever. 


Mindset is the key to quit here. A very famous social influencer and motivational speaker SANDEEP MAHESWARI in his videos once said that while he started to quit his smoking habbit he made a mindset that the smoke and smell of ciggarates makes him cought and he took that mindset so seriously that his body actually responded to it. And he quit smoking like that. You can also have that kind of mindset and that will help you a lot. 

How to quit smoking if you are a medium smoker. 

Most of the process for quitting smoking for medium smokers and chainsmoker are the same. You just have to identify why are you smoking and oppose your mind from doing so. If depression is the reason you can read this article and you will learn how you can heal your depression issues without any sort of addiction or stuff. 

How to quit smoking if you are an amateur smoker

If you are an amateur smoker then your body is not addicted to nicotine as much it is just that you think you need a ciggarate. Some key points to remember for amateurs smoker are: 
  1. Stay hydrated 
  2. Chew gums
  3. Stay fresh and clean 
  4. Be cheerful 
  5. Stay away from active smokers 
  6. Reduce your number of ciggarates gradually to 0 
  7. Find alternatives or stay busy 

How to quit smoking if you are a occasional smoker 

If you smoke just occasionally then you can even continue it. Yes you can continue it but remember one thing you should control the ciggarate and it should not control you. Always remember you should not get addicted to it. And if you are dedicated that you dont want to smoke occasionally too, then simply don't do it from the next time. It is just as simple as that. 

Key notes to remember while quitting. 

Common nicotine  withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Cigarette cravings
  • Irritability, frustration, or anger
  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Restlessness
  • Increased craving
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Increased coughing
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation or symptom
  • Depression
  • Decreased vital sign

As unpleasant as these withdrawal symptoms could also be, it’s necessary to recollect that they're solely temporary. they're going to make a come back in an exceedingly few weeks because the toxins square measure flushed from your body. within the in the meantime, let your friends and family apprehend that you simply won’t be your usual self and enkindle their understanding.
When you will stop smoking your body will start showing symptons of nicotine withdrawl. Trust me that is the hardest part. Your body will not be comfortable at all. 
You will get indigestion problems sleeping problems and many more problems like that. But always remember once you overcome this stage you are free forever from your addiction and you will win your battle. 

Somethings to be made sure of while quitting

Get 8 hours of sleep daily 
Stay hydrated 
Chew gums more often 
Excercise regularly 
Read books 
Find alternatives for your cravings like food or phone or having a shower or anything you like.

Alternatives to ciggarates for smokers that are more healthy but not 100% safe 


Many smokers take up vaping as an alternative to smoking a d yes it true than vaping is 90% safer than ciggarates but still is harmful because while inhaling your body recieves carbon monoxide which is not safe. 

Tea leaves 

I recently saw a youtube video on which the creator used tea leaves instead of tobacco to make a ciggarate. It will contain no nicotine for sure but i don't know how safe it is or should you use it or not. 

Tips for parents of minor smokers

Try to avoid threats and ultimatums. conclude why your teenaged is smoking; they'll wish to be accepted by a coevals or wish your attention. refer what changes will be created in their life to assist them stop smoking.
Be patient and supportive  as your kid goes through the quitting method.
Set an honest example for your children by not smoking yourself. folks World Health Organization smoke square measure additional seemingly to own kids World Health Organization smoke.
Know if your kids have friends that smoke. speak together with your children regarding ways in which to refuse a cigaret.
Explain the health dangers, in addition because the unpleasant physical aspects of smoking (such as dangerous breath, discoloured teeth and nails).

Establish a smokeless policy in your home. Don’t permit anyone to smoke inside at any time.


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Men's basic everyday skin care routine

Men's basic everyday skin care routine

In this basic skin care for men routine you will find out a daily skin care routine that includes the best skin care tip for men 

Not only girls but also guys like to have a beautiful and clear skin. And thats nothing to be surprised or be made fun of. Skin care should be a part of every guys life. Men's regular skin care should not be hard and should be simple. There is no need of peel masks or multiple creams. But remember whatever you buy prefer good quality natural or non cosmetic products on your skin. 
The skin care routine that is provided by us (firstfitnesstrack) should be performed daily to get the best results. 

Men's face care routine 


Men's face wash
Men's Face wash 

To keep your face at its best you must make sure there is no dust or dirt in your face. 
The way to ensure that is to cleanse your face at regualar intervals. Now the simple method to clean your face is to simply splash luke warm water on your face or even better if you simply take a shower. 
Take a dime sized amount of fa
ce wash or dilute liquid soap you generally use to wash your face. Message gently in circular motion till its forms a thick lather. Rinse it off with cold water. This will help to close the pores that will prevent further dust to enter the skin. Try to pat dry every time you wash your face. Try washing your face 2 times regularly for best results.

Exfoliate your skin 

Men' face scrub
Men's face scrub 

You shoild exfoliate your skin twice or thrice a week atleast. Now to exfoliate your skin what you can do is to, simply use a face scrub. It helps to remove dead skin cells from clogging up pores and dulling your complexion. Do not use a face scrub for more than 3 times a week because it could excessively dry out your skin. 


Men's moisturisers
Men's moisturisers 

After you cleanse your face and exfoliate your facial skin your face turns very dry. Now to prevent that you should use a good quality sulphate-free,natural  moisturizers twice daily. Even if your skin is not dry you should use some moisturizers to your face for keeping them soft and smooth.

Men's everyday body care routine. 


Same as your face care routine cleaning your body is also very important because they also have to dealt with dirt and dust everyday. You use the warm and cool water technique in body also just like your face. Always remember to use a herbal and sulphate-free soap. It is better if you use shower gel. 

Avoid dryness

Mens lotion
Mens body lotion 

Again the same thing just as your face you have to avoid dryness in your body too. Use good quality body lotion that suits yoir skin type. 

Men's hand-cream 

An important part of men's body is his hands. Because most of his work requires hand like playing sports writing which leaves dryness and scratches in the ✋ hand so a hand cream should be highly appreciated. 

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6 daily habbits that will make any guy hotter

6 daily habbit that will make any guy hotter.

hot guy
hot guy 

 whats up everybody we are firstfitnesstrack and if you could make yourself make more attractive, more hotter, what would you do then ? 
well today is your lucky day because we are going over 6 habbits that will make any guy hotter. that is we will will show you 6 easy tricks that you will think, why have i not tried this before. 

1. Be around girls 

the first trick is simple, that be around girls. it is easier said than done, Right ? no it is also easy to do. i did not mean you to be only around girls at all. i am just saying you should justinvite girls to go out 
the same way you do with your homies, with with your guy friends and ill tell you why. have you ever seen a guy at a bar or  club and he used to be surrounded by girls, ight ? then you fell little bit jealous. right. everyone does get jealous right. but guess what guys won't be the only one jealous, girls who will see you with other girls and feel jealous too.
they might think, wowo this guy is surrounded by girls he might be cool, he might be datinhg anybody. I know its a weird little trick that works 100 percent of the time, but, how do u get girls go out with you as firend, guess what i already told you, invie them up as you do your guy friends, just dont try to be cool, sexy or whatever, they ae supposed to be your friends, right ? call them up and say "a bunch of my friends are going out tonight, come around, let me introduce yu to few, you will get allong really very well." that's it easy win. and they will make you look a 100 times better, instantly. now to look hotter physically or your appearence the first thing that you can work on is your skin so our second step is 

2. work on your skin 

the thing that people look at you is your skin you should be very aware about how inportant skin care is. if your skin is oily you have acne, i don't know if being around with girls will help you or not. then what should you do to have a good skin. use face mask you can use any one of them available in the market but always remember to use good quality products. not a complete skin care tips is a new content and we will upload a article soon on it. infact, the work is already on till you will be reading this article.

3. find the perfect hairstyle 

now the third step is to find a cool hairstyle that suits your face shape. that will f=definitely enhance your face looks. now to achieve that you have to experiment a lot of different hairstyle and some of them might fail. but trust me, you won't regret at all. if you want us to upload a article on how to select hairstyle according to fae shape then please comment down below.

4. enhance your jawline 

now you can be blessed with wesome genetics or, there is a lot of work involved, if you are serious about a better jawline. it is not easy. some hing you could start doing right now is chewing gum frequently. keep your jaw muscles active, make them more and more enhanced in the future. another thing you could do is to create an illusion with your beard. beards can help to hide any of your flaws. in short you can use them to tottaly change your appearence.ask your barber for suggestionto make your beard to enhance your jawline. 

5. wearing glasses

wearing glasses even if you don't have any eyesight issue is also a good way to enhance your looks. they make your face look symmetrical becauses glasses are themselves symmetrical.

6. having a good posture 

a good posture is something that should always be made sure of. not only to look hotter but also to be and stay healthy. 

thank you  for reading this article please share the article if you liked it and keep following for more awesome content like this . 


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Rohit Khatri's online coaching exposed

Rohit Khatri online coaching exposed 

Avoid rohit khatri
Avoid rohit khatri



why you should never join rohit khatri's  online coaching 

NOW just as i mentioned that rohit khatri is uploading regular stories of people who got very impressive results on instagram, i just want to state that i from our instagram id firstfitnesstrack was noticing his stories , trust me he uploads same faces every day . yes same faces everyday.
So it can be clearly understood that he is a very fake guy. Taking online coaching from a fake guy is not a good idea according to me. He does not provide at home workout, so you have to pay the gym fees and his fees. Wheareas if you learn from your coach it will give you 100% better result that rohit khatris online training. Well now blind fans of rohit khatri if there is any, will blindly follow and i am sure will regret later.
First of all he is a guy who have used adrenaline to boost his result.
He have been promoting poor quality products just with the motive to earn money.
So adter explaining you all the points i would come to the conclusion that no one should join his fitness group.
After reading this short and simple blog if you think i criticized rohit because i am a hater but thats not true, i was his biggest fan and kept promoting in my cycle till i got to know what he really was.


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Swimming - health benefits - firstfitnesstrack

Swimming - health benefits



You may have heard that experts recommend adults get 150 minutes of moderate activity  or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Swimming is an excellent way to work your entire body and cardiovascular system. An hour of swimming burns almost as many calories as running, without all the impact on your bones and joints.

Swimming is the fourth most  popular activity in the United States. But why, exactly? There are a host of benefits you may gain from swimming laps regularly. Read on to learn about the benefits of swimming and how to incorporate swimming into your routine.

Health benefits of swimming

Swimming  is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water.

  • Swimming is a good all-round activity because it:
  • keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body
  • builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs
  • tones muscles and builds strength
  • provides an all-over body workout, as nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming.

Other benefits of swimming

Swimming has many other benefits including:

  • being a relaxing and peaceful form of exercise
  • alleviating stress
  • improving coordination, balance and posture
  • improving flexibility
  • providing good low-impact therapy for some injuries and conditions
  • providing a pleasant way to cool down on a hot day
  • being available in many places – you can swim in swimming pools, beaches, lakes, dams and rivers. Make sure that the environment you choose to swim in is safe.


Swimming is safe for many individuals. like any effort, there ar bound risks related to swimming. If you’re separated or have bound medical conditions, take care to examine along with your doctor before swimming laps. In general, it’s an honest plan to examine in along with your doctor whenever you begin a replacement exercise program.

People with skin conditions like skin problem, for instance, might get a lot of irritated within the chlorinated pool water. Your doctor is your best resource for tips distinctive to your health.

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Keratin treatment for hairs

What is keratin treatment ? 

Keratin treatment is a application of a keratin fluid in hairs and ironing it with straightners . You might have understood that keratin treatment  is a type of hair straightening. But general straightening and keratin treatment are a lot different actually . keratin is a much more safer chemical than most of the chemicals given in general straightening. 

Is keratin safe ? 

Yes keratin is 100 percent safe . Infact a little amount of keratin is present naturally in everyone's hairs. The treatment processes the amount of keratin in the desired manner . keratin treatment prices in India generally range from 1000 - 4500 rs or even more . And that in Us it is about 50-100 $ . You should do this treatment only in professional and high quality saloons as a little mistake in keratin application can make your hairs messy and worse for the nex 3 - 4 months . It can also lead to permanent hair damage if not applied professionally. 

Advantages of keratin treatment . 

There are several advantages of keratin in hairs . 
Keratin is a boon for unmanageable curly and wavy hairs
 It ads a natural shine to the hairs . 
It helps help growth . 
It repair damaged parts of the hairs . 
New personality 
Low chances of new hair damage .
Heavy volume to the hairs without hair dryer .
Dandruff reduces.  

Disadvantage of keratin treatment 

Nothing much disadvantage is there for keratin treatment but if someone has to mark something, they can say. It is a time consuming and expensive treatment . 
Another drawback is once the keratin treatment is done you have to simply double up the maintainance of your hairs . 

Some hair care tips after keratin.

Avoid swimming without caps as it will make the straight hairs frizzy and will slowly iver time bring back the curls . 
While you wash your hair try to put water on your hair in one single direction . 
Use sulphate free shampoo . 
Try to use serum every time you shampoo 
Oil your hairs every day . 
After washing the hairs don't immediately brush your hairs . wait for atleast 15 min or till the time the hairs dry . 


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cupping - meaning, complete process, benefits .

Cupping - meaning,  complete process, benefits . 


cupping is a type of alternative therapy that originated in China .
it involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. the suction may faciliates healing with blood flow .


during a cupping treatment, a cup is placed on the skin and then heated or suctioned onto the skin. the cup is often heated with fire using alcohol,herbs 
herbs or papers thats placed directly into the cup . 
the fire ource is removed, and the heated cup is placed with the open side directly on your skin.
sme modern cupping practitioners have shifted to using rubber pumps to create suctin versus more traditional heat methods .
when the hot cup is placed on your skin, the air inside the cup cools and creates a vacuum that draws the skin and muscles
 upwards into the cup. the your skin may turn red as the blood vessels respond to the change in pressure.
with dry cupping, the cup is set in place for a set time , usually between 5 and 10 minutes . with wet cupping, cups are
usually only in place for a few minutes beore the practitioner removes the cup and makes a small incision to draw blood .
after the cups are removed, the practitioner may cover the previously cupped areas with ointment and bandages. this helps prevent
infection. any mild bruising or other marks usually go away within 10 days of the session .


cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups is placed on the skin . this amy prove may relieve muscle tension , which 
can improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair. it may also help form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue.
the suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous systems (which makes it 
an excellent treatment for high blood pressure.) cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety,fatigue, migraines etc!
there is nothing that cupping is not useful for . right from weight loss to weight gain to back pains and it keeps on adding to make a endless list.
cupping is also one of the first options for olympi atheletes and swimmers such as MIACEALS PHELPS  and many other use it so very often .
many people have a common query that if the entire session hurts or not a it looks very 
the session doesn't hurts a bit .


 no . this cannot be suggested to all age groups nor  even every person .
minors below the age of 15 years and old people above the age of 70 should not go through this treatment
people with any kind of blood disease should not take this treatment .


yes it does . 

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HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS OF anabolic steroids ' firstfitnesstrack

Harmful Side Effects Of  Anabolics Steroids .

Body building
body building 

A variety of side effects can occur when anabolic steroids are misused, ranging from mild effects to ones that are harmful or even fatal .
anabolics can do anything to your body . it boosts your body power to grow anyway . people say if you need good body you must use steroids . this is completely a myth .

some of the main harmful side effects of anabolics steroids are ;

  1. Acne - anabolic steroids leaves a dangerous  problem of acne . not the simple acne , but the kid of painful acne . the acne that is caused by steroids are not only formed in face but also on the entire body even on hands ! 
  2. Itching - body building steroids also cause severe itching all over the body . people can see rashes all over the body due to itching 
  3. Rashes - not only rashes due to itching but also natural red rashes can be spotted on the bodies of people taking steroids 
  4. Lungs failure - lungs failure is not a impossible case for steroid overdose . Though it is a rare case but not that it never happens . many cases are reported worldwide that lungs got rotted for steroids and anabolic drugs . it can cause death . 
  5. Heart problems -several heart problems are reported through out the world and especially in US, UK and INDIA and many more countries about heart problems for steroid overdose . problems like improper pumping of blood to heart attacks every thing is possible due to this . 
  6. Mood swings - after the cycle of the steroids end , your mood will change every moment or so . anything wont fell good . 
  7. Concentration problem - after the cycle ends the consumer will not be able to concentrate on anything . not even a simple works that you do routinely . 
  8. Laziness - consumers reported that after he cycle they feel super lazy . they dont even feel like working out anymore . they lost the entire body they gained due to this . 
  9. Hormone imbalances - improper growth of body , unequal body muscles and many more are common results for the mentioned problem 
  10. Hair fall - huge amount of hair break and less growth of new hairs in its place is a long lasting type of hair fall . it is also a common factor of abuse .

 Are the steroids legal ? 

unfortunately or sadly enough , Yes , most of the anabolic steroids are perfectly legal in most countries . 

is there any legal age of anabolic usage . 

no . there is no age requirement for anabolic usage .    

So thanks to all the readers and i hope thia helps . After all its you who decise wheather to tame anabolixs or not . No one should recommend this steroids. If they are we should be very aware and stay away from that . And according to surveys held worldwide 🌎 people are being smart and a very less percentage ia taking anabolics . our goal should be to make that percentage to zero 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

drug free india , jeet selals movement firstfitnesstrack


Jeet Selal is a youtuber and influencer . he has more than 1.5 million subscribers in youtube and more than 174 k followers in instagram . he is also a very famous gym instructer . He was born in uttarakhand and later went to UK for higher education . 
But now he is back to india for another great work he is going to do . he is lauching a movement for the support of drug-free movement in india . another very famous vlogger mumbiker nikhil recently recently promoted his movement . 

Why is it important to have drug free movement in india 

Nowadays every youngster wants fast result for everything they do . all everyone needs is shortcuts . But in life there is no shortcut . teenagers and youngsters join this movement for getting fast results for workout, for success and for every thing they want to do . 

What is the motive of drug free india 

The main moto of drug free india is to stop kids and even adults to take drugs tablets , or in any form . maybe for self satisfaction or for buiding rock-solid muscles with easily availavle drugs like dyra , cocaine 'lsd and every differnet things . 
Dyra drugs(a type of anabolic drugs used for body building for fast results)  and other products all give temporary results but if you want to have a long life or long lasting body such drugs must be a strict no . 
 A healthy normal body without much muscle mass in okk but an unhealthy body with 6 pack abs is of no use .
Not only for body building drugs are used for direct addiction also . many harmful drugs are are very easily available in big cities .

How can a country be drug free . 

Though government can take anti drug steps but it cant stop drugs . it have to be made drug free only by us . why use should use a anabolic when more food and hard and intense workout can give you he same results . Instead of reading articles about benefits of anabolics, learn the harmful effects of anabolics , instead of knowing how the drugs help us know the disadvantages of the drugs first . 
your mind will stop you from taking so .   
Jeet selal after starting his movement in india got more and more oposition than support . This got our country nothing but same . we are so much slaves to our drugs that if someone is taking  a god step against them we cant  support them . instead we are stopping him from doing so . he also got major support form many big personalities like mumbiker nikhil, beyounick and others . 
it is a very positive movement or campaign from his side and he is trying is level best . this is my smallest step i can do to support his campaign . 
so readers if you are with jeet selal share this blog and his video form youtube as much as you can . your contribution to this campaign will be a huge help . thanks guys keep reading and sharing . comment down below if you think some changes need to be maid . 

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Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes - firstfitnesstrack

Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

According to the american diabetes Association , nearly 21  million people in the us  have diabetes and 86 % are suffering from diabetes type 2 .
Sugar, in the form of glucose is the main source of power for our body cells . The hormone insulin allows glucose in the blood to enter these body cells . but if someone is facing type 2 diabetes maybe the body doesn't produce enough insulin or cells or the body cells are resistant to the effects of insulin .

Natural remedies

here are some herbs and vegetables that may be a benefit to people with type 2 diabetes.


if we diagonally slit a lady-finger and soak it in a glass of water overnight and the next morning we drink the water along with the raw lady-finger. its very helpful for diabetic patients .

Aloe vera

aloe vera could be a common plant with many various uses .
it helps to fix digestive issues to possibly even relieving type 2 diabetes symptoms. you can easily purchase a aloe vera juice for very cheap prices . you can also boil a raw aloe vera and make a paste of it a drink it in empty stomach


consuming cinnamon for diabetic patients helps to regulate blood sugar level, insulin levels, blood fat levels, antioxidant levels, blood pressure, body mass and the time to process food .
however solely the best quality cinnamon or cinnamon extracts in capsule kind ought to be used as a complementary treatment technique.

Bitter Melon

bitter melon are helpful for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients to reduce there blood sugar levels . on an average note it also helps to improved the blood sugar tolerance in most cases .
it is not possible by me or anyone to say that if it is enough to take in place of insulin or medications of diabetes but it may help to rely less on them .
taking boiled ginger also helps to reduce blood sugar level and increase blood sugar levels . ginger is very commonly used in homes . amd there is no need of alternative pills .for the purpose .
Curry leaves
if any diabetic patient chews a fist full of curry leaves early in the morning and in raw form, in empty stomach it is helpful for the patients 

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Firstfitnesstrack - A cheap full day diet for body-building

Firstfitnesstrack - A cheap full day diet for body-building 

Body building diet

So you are into body building . and you want the best body you can get and as soon as possible . you need to work hard on the gym thats for sure . but is only working out enough for the best results . no , its not enough . for the best result you also need to follow a diet . and if you are looking for what you should eat everyday you landed up on the right place . but a proper diet for gaining muscle mass will contain expensive weight gainer and other other stuffs that are very expensive .
But dont worry we here are fiving you the cheapest diet that will help you bulk up fast and efficiently . we have provided regular foods in a smart way .

How many meals should you have per day 

You should divide your day in 6 meals .
Body building
Body building 



In morning you can start your day with a heavy milk shake . now how to make it 
Ingredients : 
  1. Oats 
  2. Banana 
  3. Milk 
  4. A crunchy unsweetened peenut butter 
  5. A glass 
  6. A mixer . 
Steps : 
In a glass pour the milk . put a whole sliced banana to it . put oats in it . put 2 spoons a plunsweeted crunchy peanut butter . mix them well in a mixer and you are ready to go . 

Morning snacks . 

A few hours after having your breakfast have a morning snack . you can have any whole fruit or bread with peanut butter . you can also have a vegetable soup . if you need more options please comment down below .


You only need to have one meel in the after noon . that is your lunch 
You can eat a very simple and regular diet . 
If you are not a non vegetarian . have rice,dal and two boiled eggs . One thing people nowadays think that eating the egg yolk is harmful so they throw them away. But its not completely right . because if we are giving a too calculative diet to our body it will not get enough waste . and it will waste needful nutrients which is a big issue . so you should definitely use the yolks with the egg as our body is smart enough and know what to keep and what to excreate . 
If you are vegetarian you can have panner mushroom or any other high protein veg items . 


You need to have two meals in the evning that is a (i) pre-workout meal (ii) post workout meal . 


Before going to burn your calories in the gym . you need to have some . you should take more amount of carbohydrates before gym as you will need huge energy . 
You can consume a multi-grain bread or brown bread with any un-sweetened peanut butter a omlette and thats it . you are ready to go to the gym . 


 After coming from the gym when you are completely exhausted you can have a protien shake . add water oats  and 2 spoons any certified protien shake . 
If you dont have a protien shake shake hmjust a have a glass of milk with any energy drink and oats and banana 🍌


In the night also you can just have only one meal . your dinner and thats it . 
In dinner you can have a simple chappati and vegetables with chicken or fish or egg or any other high protien veg diet . . 
Otherwise you can repeat any of the two milk shakes of the breakfast or post workout meal . 
You can also have bread and peanut butter again . 
Thank you viewers . thats it for today .  i hope this helps you a lot . and if it does dont forget to follow this website and share it as many as possible . 


Monday, February 4, 2019

5 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Acne

5 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Acne

Remedies to get rid of acne
5 natural remedies to get rid of acne 

Your skin is your body’s largest organ; it protects you from the tough environmental parts of sun, water, mud and chemicals.

Every currently so, the ugly acne monster rears its head and your skin breaks out into angry red pimples.

At this stage, most people communicate expensive cosmetics laden with harsh chemicals that do nothing however irritate your skin even a lot of.

Acne is caused once the pores become clogged with excess oil or secretion, madeby the body’s hormones.
The best course of action is to avoid exploitation any harsh chemicals and alleviate the problems with natural skin condition remedies.
Using natural home remedies for skin condition is far a lot of safer, valueeffective and easier than going the cosmetic route.
So, ensuing time you get tormented by dreadful skin condition, seek these 5 best home remedies for acne:

Cinnamon and honey mask :

Honey and cinnamon create a killer combination onceit involves natural disease of the skin treatments.

Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties that stop bacterium from growing, and honey may be a natural antibiotic that eradicates the bacterium gift.

Take 2 tablespoons of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon and mix them alongtill they type a paste.

Apply the mask to the face or spot treat, departure it on for 10-15 minutes.

Rinse off completely and pat the face dry

Tulsi paste :

Tulsi (holy basil) paste is a superb Ayurvedic treatment for skin disorder and pimples.

If you don’t have contemporary basil reachable, dried basil leaves can do the trick.

Steep 2-3 teaspoons in heat water and kind a paste.

Leave on the face for concerning tenminutes and use 4-5 times per week.

It’s additionally one in every of the most effective natural remedies for skin disorderonce used as a toner with subsequentingredient on our list.

Tea tree oil 

Tea tree oil is one among the strongest home remedies for skin disorder nightlong. whereas mistreatment oil to battle production may appear unreasonable, tea tree oil isn't just like the kind of oil createdby the skin. It works sort of a solvent that cuts through the surplus dead skin cells and secretion and conjointly unblocks pores. It contains medicinal drug properties that kills acne-causing bacterium and prevents any outbreaks.

Dilute some tea tree oil with one half oil to 9 elements water. Dip a cotton swab within the mixture and apply to downsideareas. invariably dilute tea tree oil and ne'er use it neat or ingest it.

Lemon juice 

juice is doubtless one amongst the simplest remedies for inflammatory disease that's simplyaccessible, right in your own icebox. it'swealthy in ascorbic acid, that is helpful for skin; acid helps to exfoliate the skin properly. The astringent properties of lemon dries out the blemish.

Take one tablespoon of juice and yoghurt, dab with a cotton swab or Q-tip, and apply to the blemish. permit to sit down for quarter-hour till dry, and wash it off. However, take care to wipe it off completely before stepping go into the sun as juice is light-sensitive and it will cause a reaction.

Apple cider vinegar : 

This kills off the bacterium that's the basisexplanation for pimples.

It conjointly balances the pH level of the skin, that makes it tough for bacterium to measure.

With its astringent properties, apple vinegar helps to mop up excess oil.

Because of this , don't overuse this remedy because it will dry out the skin thatsuccessively can compensate by overproducing oil, therefore triggering a virus.

Take pure, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and fresh water; with a ratio of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water, dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply onto the blemishes. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse.

Re-apply this many times daily and totally wash the face once every application